Activities of the Preserve in 2020

  1. In 2020, the activities of the staff of the Preserve were aimed at implementing the “Development Program of the Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve for December 2016-2021.” Among the main achievements of the last year is that the Reserve received a grant from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the program “Culture in times of crisis: investment support”, the lot “Cultural Heritage”.
  2. 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was a year of quarantine restrictions. As a result, it was a significant reduction in the number of visitors, the suspension of exhibitions and educational-mass events in educational institutions. However, even under these conditions, we managed to attract UAH 318.5 thousand to the special account (plan – UAH 278.0 thousand), including the grant – UAH 737.8 thousand. The received funds made it possible to increase the level of safety of employees and visitors of the Reserve, to minimize the risk of infection with COVID-19; to improve the protection of the Preserve’s objects, to promote the effective work of the scientists.
  3. We are especially grateful to private businessmen, manager of enterprises and foundations who have supported us in difficult times. In order to preserve the exhibits, employees of the “Korsun-Shevchenkivske Forestry” State Enterprise repaired equipment (BM-13 “Katyusha” multiple rocket launcher, GAZ-AA car, GAZ-51A car). Mykola Tomenko Foundation “Ridna Kraina” contributed to the painting of military equipment on the site of samples of Soviet military equipment of the Second World War, painting of equipment was carried out by representatives of the Cherkasy Institute of Fire Safety named after the Heroes of Chernobyl. At the entrance to the art gallery, a private businessmen restored marble steps (9 m2), which disappeared in the first half of the twentieth century. Members of the public organization “Future of the Town” equipped an additional photo area on the island of Kotsyubynskiy. Thanks to philanthropists, the employees of the IS Nechuy-Levytskiy Literary Memorial Museum repaired the main facade of the building. Solid fuel for the museum’s boiler- room was provided by local philanthropists and “Koris AM” LLC.
  4. During the year, considerable attention was paid to the collection of objects of museum value, which made it possible to replenish the funds with 495 museum objects (plan – 360). Among the proceeds there are materials about the participation of Korsuns in the Russian-Ukrainian war in Eastern Ukraine and volunteers, about the events of World War II. The fund collections were replenished with ethnographic collections, printed editions, and paintings; materials on the activities of educational, cultural and medical institutions in the Korsun region. For January 1, 2021, there are 67,921 museum items on the state register. For January 1, 2021, the book fund of the library is 21,730 copies of documents.
  5. Research work was aimed at studying scientific topics in the history of Korsun, ethnography, art history and literary criticism. Based on the results of previous years’ research, scientific references have been prepared: “Ukrainian rural housing in the Korsun region at the end of the XIX-XX centuries”, “Woodworking in the Korsun region in the second half of the XX – beginning of the XXI century”.
    The research of the following topics continued: “Volunteer movement in the Korsun region”, “Customs and rites of the villagers of Kvitky (engagements, weddings, families, baptisms, military service, construction)”, “Liberation movement in the Korsun region in 1921-1991”, Nechuy-Levytskiy’s pedagogical activites. “Creativity of the writer as a means of national education”, “Activities of cultural institutions in the Korsun region in 2009-2021”, “Residents of the Stebliv united territorial community – participants in the anti-terrorist operation and the Joint Forces operation in Eastern Ukraine”, “Korsun region in black and white photos by Yuri Kolyakov”.
    Scientists of the Preserve held the Fourteenth scientific readings, took part in the III All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference (with international participation) “Cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine: prospects for research and traditions of preservation.” 05–06.ХІ.2020, Cherkasy.
  6. During the account year, scientific and exhibition work was aimed at improving existing exhibitions, creating stationary and traveling exhibitions. During the year, 33 temporary stationary exhibitions were created, in particular: “More than memories. Letters from the Second World War”, “In the break between battles (everyday life of soldiers – participants in the Battle of Korsun-Shevchenkivska and the Russian-Ukrainian war)”, “Bonistics from the collection of Father Yuriy Mytsyk”, “On a wedding towel”, “Related to beauty (personal art exhibition of Valentina Moshenets)”, “Exhibition of one exhibit. Forchtenstein. North”, “Vasyl Avramenko and Stebliv”, “Family of Kyrylo Stetsenko: grandchildren and great-grandchildren”.
    The hall “Sacred Art of Korsun Region” was created in the art gallery; in the exhibition halls of the historical museum the creation of the exposition of the interior of the room of the town apartment of the second half of the XX century is completed.
  7. In nature protection activities the main attention was paid to the study of flora and fauna of Korsun-Shevchenkivskіy Park, preservation of natural landscapes. 93 trees and bushes were planted on the territory of the landscape park, 54 of them during the action “Million trees per day” together with members of Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy district public organization of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League and employees of the district House of Culture. The Month of improvement of the park “Spring toloka” was held. During the subbotnik initiated by the public organization “Future of the town”, together with volunteers, participants of anti-terrorist operation in park the undergrowth on the area of ​​0,5 hectares was cleared. A photo contest “Plants of the stony slopes of the Ros River” was held on the page of the Preserve on the social network Facebook, the winner of which was Alexander Proskurin. The work on the creation of a “Color Atlas of plants growing in the territory of landscape park” continued.
  8. During the account year, scientific and educational work was aimed at attracting visitors to the museums and art gallery of the Reserve, to promote its monuments. One of the priority tendency of work was the implementation of cultural, educational and cultural and artistic projects. During the year, the following projects were implemented: socio-cultural – “With Ukraine in the heart”, cultural and educational – “Outstanding figures of Ukraine”, cultural and artistic – “Reading Kobzar”, cultural and educational – “Working together”. During the year, 13,752 people got acquainted with museum and art gallery expositions, stationary exhibitions and monuments of the Preserve (the plan is 36,000). During the year, 18 scientific and educational events were held, which covered 752 people.
  9. Considerable attention was paid to information and publishing work. Under the conditions of quarantine restrictions, the first marketing research was conducted, during which information was obtained on the effective work of the team, further promotion of objects and museum products among various target audiences, prompt response to changes in socio-political events.
    In order to promote the Preserve, an Instagram page was created in October, which is constantly viewed by more than 200 people. The work on creating a site at the expense of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has begun. During the reporting period, 156 messages were published on the Preserve’s Facebook page, and 25 videos were created. The largest number of views was received by the video “Lilacs of Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve” (9.0 thousand views), the videos “On the History of Medicine in the Korsun Region”, “Battle ander Korsun in 1648”, “Lilac Garden” also aroused considerable interest. We are grateful to everyone who visits our Instagram and Facebook pages.
    In 2020 the materials of the scientific-practical conference “Chronicle of the History of Ukraine: Modern Times” and the popular science historical publication “Korsun Periodicul” №38, №39 were published.