Winter is a difficult time for birds. Especially when snow covers the ground. That’s the time when birds come closer to people, hoping for their help. Such a phenomenon can be observed in the landscape park of the Reserve in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi. Therefore, as part of the environmental project “Save the Environment” in the Reserve from November to March is an environmental campaign “Feed the birds.”
In November, on the islands of Kotsyubynskyi and Denis, conservationists and young nature lovers hung feeders that were constantly filled with special food – whole and crushed wheat, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, nuts, and sometimes unsalted lard.
We are happy for different species that remain for winter on the ice-free lake of the Ros River. During severe frosts, hundreds of mallards gather there, as well as single individuals of swans. They love to eat grains of wheat or corn. You can give them very little amount of bread.
So when going for a walk in the park, take some bird food, because our common goal is to help birds survive the winter.
We remind you that when feeding birds, it is necessary to follow the following rules:
– do not fill the feeders with moldy, fried, greasy, smoked and spoiled food; black fresh bread; dry rice and millet; sour, salty, spicy, supersaturated with various spices foods; citrus (oranges and lemons) and banana peel;
– Do not hang food in nets, because they can become traps for birds.
Let’s take care of the birds and they will thank us all a hundred times.