Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve

History of Ukraine of the XX century: sources, results and prospects of historical and local lore research. Collection of materials of the scientific-practical conference. October 12, 2011 / Editor: P.Ya. Stepenkina (responsible editor) and others. – Cherkasy: Publisher Yu. Chabanenko. – 185 p.


  • Reports

    Problems and prospects of research of the history of Ukraine of the XX century
    Chaban Anatolyi
  • History of everyday life as a direction of historical and local lore research
    Melnichenko Vasil
  • Scientific reports

    Origins of public self-organization of the Ukrainian peasantry of the early twentieth century
    Kostenko Svitlana
  • From the history of formation and activity of law enforcement agencies in the Korsun region in the years Ukrainian Revolution of 1917–1921 (according to the materials of the State Archives in Kyiv and Cherkasy regions)
    Lydiya Ovsienko
  • Historical and local lore studies of Cherkasy region as basic in the context of the study of general history of Ukraine
    Fedorova Tatiana
  • I.O. Gurzhiy is an outstanding researcher of the agrarian history of Ukraine
    Bondarenko Vitalina
  • Research of the cities of Central Ukraine as a part of the The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth of the XVIII century inUkrainian historiography of the twentieth century: religious and national liberation aspects
    Harsun Olga
  • Events of 1905–1907 in the Korsun region
    Polyakova Tatiyana
  • Activities of committees of poor peasants in the Korsun region (according to the State archive of Cherkasy region)
    Davidenko Galina
  • Historical and ethnographic studies of Ivan Makarovych Honchar in the Chyhyryn region
    Kuksa Nadiya
  • Archival documents in the study of the cultural and educational society "Enlightenment" in Cherkasy region in the 1920s
    Wallach Tatiana
  • The role of archival sources in the study of the history of Cherkasy region in the 20s and 30s of the XX century (based on the materials of the State Archives of Cherkasy region, the archives of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Of Ukraine in Cherkasy region, Branch archive of the Security Service of Ukraine)
    Grigorenko Tatiana
  • Insurgent and bandurist Antin Mityai
    Gogul Peter