April 5 in the village The environmental event “Flower Gift to the Composer” was held in Kvitka near the memorial museum of K.G. Stetsenka, which is part of the Reserve. It is timed to the 100th anniversary of the death and 140th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Ukrainian composer Kyryl Stetsenko, born in the village of A flower During the event, employees of the museum and the local hospital planted 100 petunia bushes and 100 marigold bushes. On the initiative of the former head of the village, Yuliya Khmulenko, the flowers were purchased with the funds of Selishchensk OTG. Soon they will bloom profusely and decorate the area near the museum.
This is a nice gift from the museum of the composer Kyryll Stetsenko, who during his short life created many wonderful musical works, promoted Ukrainian song while working in “Prosvit” and in the governments of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Ukrainian State (1918-1919), dreamed of a free and flourishing Ukraine.