On the occasion of the Ivan Kupala holiday, the Reserve held a master class “Magic of the Holiday” during which everyone could weave a Kupala wreath. To make the wreaths, the Reserve’s employees collected more than 20 species of plants, most of which grow in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi Park, in meadows, fields and on the banks of the Ros River. Among the plants were not only well-known field axes, yarrow, mint, St. John’s wort, but also new plants for the participants of the event – annual witch hazel, reed bindweed, true marigold, etc.
The girls were eager to join in the making of Kupala wreaths, diligently learning to weave fragrant herbs, arranging plants at the call of their hearts, and so each wreath turned out to be unique. A special feature of the event was that families joined in. Grandmothers and their granddaughters mostly worked in creative tandems. The girls made wreaths for themselves, as well as for their sisters and mothers who were waiting for them at home. The grandmothers helped them.
The creative atmosphere that prevailed during the wreath-making was complemented by memories of the celebration of Ivan Kupala before russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, stories about the amazing secrets of Kupala night heard from older people. They also talked about the importance of preserving the customs and traditions of the Ukrainian people, about people living in harmony with nature.
We thank everyone for participating in the event.
Master class organizer was Kateryna Loenko, junior researcher