On June 6, as part of the celebration of the World Environment Day, a master class “Fashionable upcycling: with care for the environment” was held in the park of the Reserve. Its participants made pencil organizers and butterfly appliqués from pieces of the computer disks. Children and adults took part in the ecological master class.

The organizer of the event, Kateryna Loyenko, told the participants  about the importance of caring for the environment, the importance of every ecologically conscious act for the scale of nature conservation of our planet.

During the environmental campaign, all its participants got acquainted with the exhibition of things, made from recycled materials: a vase for flowers from  plastic lids, flowers from  polyethylene bags, an organizer from foil sleeves, a basket from a paper cup, a box for storing needles.

A master class on upcycling in the Reserve is the time, spent in the arms of nature, an incredible atmosphere of a creativity and sincere communication.