We invite you to a walking tour “This is where Korsun began”, during which you will travel to the place where in 1032 the Grand Duke of Kyiv Yaroslav the Wise built a fortress that marked the beginning of our city.
On the left bank of the Ros River at the confluence of the Korsunka River, on an oval granite promontory, there is a settlement of the 11th-13th centuries.  There are the remains of the Korsun fortress, which was part of the Poros defense line, which was created in the 11th – 12th centuries, in order to protect the southern border of Russia from nomads.
The Korsun fortress was one of the first to be built in 1032. This year is considered the founding date of the city. There are four known historical references to Korsun from the 11th to the beginning of the 13th century, which testify to the importance of the city in the history of Kyiv Rus. On the west of the fortress and on the granite islands of the Ros River in the 11th – the first half of the 13th centuries there was a settlement that, together with the fortress, formed a single complex – ditynets, posad. Archaeologists discovered there the remains of houses, and farm buildings, as well as many household items, work tools, dishes, and weapons of that time.
During the excursion to the settlement of the 11th – 13th centuries, you will learn about how the fortress was built and what its significance was. You will hear a fascinating story about the life of people on the border with the Prairie, about the struggle of Rus soldiers against nomads, as well as Rus princes fighting each other for the right to own Korsun.
A wonderful panorama of the city opens from the hillfort, its surroundings can be seen for several kilometers.
The excursion will be interesting for both children and adults.