The Reserve’s historical museum has created an exhibition dedicated to the 240th anniversary of the foundation of the Korsun Garden (park). It was founded in the French style by Prince Stanislav Poniatowski, the owner of the Korsun starostvo, in 1782. The garden was decorated with sculptures and small architectural forms. Later it acquired English landscape features. The owners of the Korsun estate, the most luminous princes Lopukhins and Lopukhins-Demidovs, significantly expanded its territory and decorated it with new sculptures. After the establishment of Soviet rule, the park fell into disrepair. At first, it was leased to the Railway Workers’ House for the Rest, then to the Museum of the History of the Korsun-Shevchenkivska Battle, and eventually, it was turned into an ordinary provincial park of culture and recreation.

The exhibition features drawings and photographs illustrating the history of the park from the late seventeenth century to the early 1990s. Postcards of the park’s views from the early twentieth century and photographs from the time of the Railway Workers’ House for the Rest are unique. Among them, the photo of the Princes’ Alley from 1941 should be specially highlighted, which is the earliest photo of the mainland part of the park. There are also photographs provided by the people of Korsun with views of the park from the 1950s-1980s. These are images of rides, bridges, corners of the park, etc. The photographs of Yurii Koliakov, one of our city’s most important iconographic chroniclers, are exhibited separately. Among them, it is worth highlighting two color photographs of the rides from 1990. Until now, almost no color photographs of our park from the second half of the twentieth century have survived. They were mostly in black and white.

The author of the exhibition is Stanislav Stepenkin, the head of the historical museum.

The exhibition will run until April 10.

We invite you to visit the historical museum of the Reserve.