Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve

Museum of the History of the Battle of Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi

The Museum of the History of Battle of Korsun- Shevchenkivskyi was founded in 1945. The first floor of the palace, architectural monument of national importance of the last quarter of the 18th – 19th centuries, was dedicated to its exposition. An art gallery was opened at the Museum in 1977, and a historical museum in 1981. The Korsun- Shevchenkivskіy State Historical and Cultural Preserve was established on the basis of the Museum in 1994. The museum became a part of it as a research department.
The modern exposition of the museum was created in 2005 in 8 halls, where more than 3 thousand exhibits are presented. The exposition covers the history of the Korsun-Shevchenkivskіy offensive operation against the background of the events of the history of the Second World War in Ukraine. Its feature is an objective display of events from two points of view – Soviet and German – based on archival materials and stock collections of the Preserve.
The exhibition presents numerous memorial complexes (photographs, awards, documents, personal belongings) of soldiers and officers – participants in the operation of both warring parties, presents a large number of uniforms and equipment, unique weapons of the Red Army, Wehrmacht and SS. In one of the halls the diorama “Korsun-Shevchenkivska battle. 1944 “, was created in 1969.

The exhibition allows you to trace the features of each stage of the operation, participation in hostilities of different types of troops, the fate of individual participants in the operation, the situation of the civilian population during the Nazi occupation and directly during the fighting. Considerable attention is paid to the participation in the operation of residents of cities and villages of Ukraine mobilized to the Red Army during the second wave of mobilization (1943-1944; “blackovercoats”).
The exposition is designed for visitors of all ages and preferences. The central hall of the palace is an exhibition hall. In addition to exhibitions, it hosts museum events, meetings, concerts and more. Samples of weapons and military equipment of the Red Army are presented on the site in front of the Museum.
The head of the Museum of the History of the Battle of Korsun- Shevchenkivska is Tetyana Polyakova.
Phone of the Museum +38 (04735) 24765.