Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve

Historical Museum

The Historical Museum was opened on August 29, 1981 as a department of the Museum of the History of the of Korsun-Shevchenkivska Battle. Since 1994 it has been working as a science-research department of the Korsun-Shevchenkivsky State Historical and Cultural Reserve. The exposition of the museum is located in 6 halls, the area is 320 m 2 , where more than 2 thousand exhibits are presented. The authors of the exposition by museum means showed the history of Korsun region in the context of the history of Ukraine from ancient times to the present.

The exposition presents large archaeological collection. These are the things of Trypillia, Cimmerians, Scythians, Slavs, the period of Rus’-Ukraine, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Rich Pospolyta. Among them there are things from the Cimmerian and Scythian burials, Slavic ornaments, Polish cannon, armor and weapons of Poles, Ukrainians and Moscow archers. Also on display there are items from the prince’s palace of the most noble princes Lopukhin-Demidov’s.

Separate sections of the exposition tell about collectivization and the Holodomor, about the participation of Korsuns in the First and Second World Wars, the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921 and the Russian-Ukrainian War.
The collections of “Kobzars” by T. Shevchenko, personal belongings of kobzar O. Chupryna, choreographer and film producer of the Ukrainian diaspora V. Avramenko, photos of family members of V. Shevchenko , T. Shevchenko’s cousin are unique.

Two dioramas were created in the museum: ” Anti-serfdom uprising of 1855 in Korsun region” (1984; authors – Kyiv artists K. Tyshkovets and M. Karpushevsky) and ” Korsun’s battle in 1648 ” (authors – Kyiv artists S. Honcharenko, Y. Sanitsky, O. .Sirenko). The piano of Suk’s piano studio of the XIX century is exhibited . The museum recreates the interior of a Ukrainian peasant house of the late XIX – early XX centuries.
The exhibition halls of the historical museum are filled with rich ethnographic material of the urban housing of Korsuncitisens in the mid-1980s.
The manager of the museum is Stanislav Stepenkin, Candidate of Historical Sciences.
Phone of the museum +38 (04735) 24292.