Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve

Museified objects

Belvedere Tower.

Unusual journey to the past can be made, while rising to one of four octagonal belvedere towers, which decorated corners of the palace in the period from 1845 to 1847 Expanded here the exhibition “Looking through the ages” will introduce the history of construction Korsun palace ensemble, its former owners.
The exhibition includes projects copies of Korsunskiy palace ensemble (1787), the author of which was a Polish artist and architect Jan Lindsay and his watercolor picture “View of the palace ensemble in Korsun” (1789); copies of drawings “Mills on the Ros under Korsun” (1781), “Side channel of the Ros near Korsun” (1781), “Mill over the Ros near Korsun” (1783) by French artist and memoirist Jean-Anri Munz, a friend of the owner of the Korsun starostvo Stanislaw Poniatowsky.

Palace ensemble of the XIX century presented, in particular, in the lithographs “View of Korsun in the Kyiv province” (1845-1847) by French lithographers Francois-Joseph Dupressoure and Eugene Guo, drawings by Polish artists Napoleon Orda “Korsun. Transfiguration Church and Lopukhin’s palace carlier the Poniatowsky’s” (1870-1874), Adolf Kozarsky “View of the park and palace in Korsun” (1862) and others.
Portraits of the owners of the Korsun starostvo, and later of the Korsun estate, were painted, in particular, by the German artist Angelika Kaufmann, the Hungarian artist Janosh Rombauer, the Russian artists Karl Bryullov and Volodymyr Borovykovskiy.
Considerable interest have plans of the town of Korsun (1789, 1799-1810).
The belvedere tower offers beautiful views of Korsun.
Excursions to the Belvedere Tower are held from May 1 to October 1.