The Scientific Library is a structural subdivision of the Korsun-Shevchenkivskіy State Historical and Cultural Preserve. Acquisition of the Library fund began in 1947, when the Library was a part of the Museum of the History of the Korsun- Shevchenkivska Battle funds. Since 1975 it works as a separate department.
At the state on January 1, 2021, the Library fund has 21,730 copies of documents. These are historical scientific and popular science publications, local lore literature, publications on art, literary studies, ethnography, natural sciences, ecology, fiction, as well as reference publications on all fields of knowledge. In particular, the Library keeps newspapers: since 1947 – ” On Lenin’s Way” (“Leninskim shlyahom”), since 1962 – ” On Leninist’s Way”, since 1991 – “Nadrossya”; since 1954 – “Cherkaskaya Pravda”, since 1991 – “Cherkasy Region” and “Ukrainian Historical Journal” – since 1959.
The “Universal Decimal Classification” is used in the classification of literature.
The Scientific Library has catalogs and card indexes on paper, bibliographic indexes of printed publications stored in the library of the Preserve, on electronic bearers. These are, in particular, “Systematic index to the “Korsun periodical” for 1994 – 2018, “Bibliographic index of sources, literature and periodicals, dedicated to the 365th anniversary of the Korsunska Battle in 1648”,
“Bibliographic index of sources, literature and periodicals on Shevchenko themes”, “Vasily Avramenko – bibliography of printed publications stored in the scientific library of Korsun-Shevchenkivsiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve”, “Bibliographic index of printed publications on the history of Korsun’s operation”.
Book exhibitions are exhibited annually in the Library and museums of the Preserve. Service of library users who do not work in the Reserve is carried out only in the reading room. According to the “List of paid services”, work with the fund of the scientific Library of the Preserve (1 day) for an adult is 20.0 UAH, for a pupil or a student – 10.0 UAH, photocopying 1 sheet of A4 – 2 UAH.
The Library serves users on weekdays from 8.30 till 16.00, lunch break from 12.00 till 12.30. The last Thursday of each month is a sanitary day. On the eve of holidays and non-working days the duration of the Library is reduced by one hour.
The leading librarian of the scientific Library of the Preserve is Valentyna Hrytsenko.
Phone of the scientific library of the Preserve +38 (04735) 23729.