The Museum of the History of the Battle of Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi has created an exhibition “Ukrainian Dance – the weapon of the Great Maestro”, dedicated to the outstanding choreographer and dancer Vasyl Avramenko.
Vasyl Avramenko became the founder of a new direction in the art of dance – stage folk choreography. He was the first to bring Ukrainian dance to the stage as a separate genre of art. He has toured many countries with his folk dance ensembles. And the goal was one: to demonstrate to the world the beauty of Ukrainian dance, to declare Ukraine. Before the beginning of each performance of the dance group, Vasyl Avramenko said: “Ukrainian dance is not nonsense, it is the main manifestation of our culture, it is a national weapon!”.
The golden fund of Ukrainian culture includes choreographic works by Vasyl Avramenko – “Hopak Kolom”, “Hopak Parubotsky”, “Easter Gaivka”, “Metelitsa” and others. The artist published the book “Tankis, Music and Order” in his own edition, in which he summarized his unique practical experience as a dancer and choreographer.
The exhibition “Ukrainian Dance – the weapon of the Grand Maestro” presents 30 exhibits from the stock collection of the Reserve, which tells about the creative path of Vasyl Avramenko.
The organizer of the exhibition is Larysa Grebenichenko, a junior researcher.