In the central hall of the palace there is an exhibition “Discover Antarctica”, provided to the Reserve by the National Antarctic Research Center. It is timed to the 25th anniversary of the transfer of the Antarctic research station “Faraday” (now – “Academician Vernadsky”) from Britain to Ukraine.
The exhibition presents 20 large bright photos of the ice continent, the Antarctic station, scientists during research, animals living in Antarctica, and more. All photos were taken by Ukrainian polar explorers.
In addition to photographs, 38 unusual artifacts are presented: chevrons of the Antarctic station “Academician Vernadsky” and Ukrainian Antarctic expeditions of different years and foreign ships and countries that cooperated with the station; postcards, penguin egg, petrel and penguin feathers, rock moss specimens, recycled plastic souvenirs.
The exhibition is complemented by banners with interesting facts about the ice continent and videos about Antarctica.
Entrance to the exhibition is at the price of an entrance ticket to the Museum of the History of the Battle of Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi, which is located in the palace.

We invite you to visit the unique exhibition, which will be exposed until August 31.