The program of cooperation of Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy State Historical and Cultural Preserve with preschool institutions “Preserve and Children” has been implemented since 2012.
The purpose of the Program: to acquaint children with the heritage of the historical and cultural obtaining of the Ukrainian people, folk traditions, customs and rites; promoting the formation of children’s historical memory, ethnic identity, the best qualities of the national character, elements of the scientific worldview; education of conscious citizens and patriots, the desire to revive national culture.
Quests are held for preschoolers – “Secrets of exhibits”, “Museum researchers”, thematic classes – “How to read pictures”, “Traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people”, “By paths of the native land”, “Treasury of the Preserve” and more. Every year children take part in ecological actions of the Preserve: “Primroses”, “Birds return to their native home”, “Feed the birds”.