In the reserve’s art gallery, after the re-exhibition, the doors of the hall, in which the Ukrainian art of the 1960s and 1990s from the stock collection is presented, were hospitably opened for visitors.
All works are made at a high professional level. The landscapes of the People’s Artist of Ukraine, winner of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine Serhiy Shyshko “Spring in Koncha Zaspa” and folk artist of Ukraine Mykola Maksymenko “Over the Unava River” are amazing.
The portrait “Nastya Podervyanska”, painted by a supporter of the classical school of painting, folk artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Lopukhov, attracts the attention of visitors. The portraits belonging to the brush of Borys Kupnevsky, a native of Korsun, attract with their simplicity, emotional execution and high humanism.
and the galleries of the Reserve, after re-exposition, hospitably opened the doors of the hall for visitors, in which the Ukrainian art of the 1960s and 1990s from the stock collection is presented.
The exposition includes two works by a bright representative of socialist realism, a master of landscape and genre painting, folk artist of Ukraine Vasyl Nepiypyv – “Electric plow in the collective farm” Pyatirichka “”, “Collective farm yard of the Zhdanov collective farm”. The decline of the Ukrainian countryside, loneliness and old age – the theme of Vasyl Mishchenko’s painting “Master and Mistress”.
There are also works that attract the viewer with their colors, in particular, a portrait of “Rosa Korgoldoeva – a carpet weaver from Kyrgyzstan” by folk artist of Ukraine Ivan Kholomenyuk.
There are two wonderful sculptural works by the famous Ukrainian sculptor Mykola Yesypenko – “Male Portrait” and “Elena”.
A total of 25 works by the above-mentioned and other authors were presented in two halls.
We invite you to visit the art gallery and enjoy the art of Ukrainian artists.