An exhibition of works by artists of the Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy Public Literary and Artistic Association “Yantalka” has been opened in the Art Gallery of the Reserve for the Day of the Artist.
The exhibition features 17 artists who presented 48 paintings and graphics. This is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Oleksandr Vorona; well-known painter Valery Musatenko in the Korsun region; talented and unique Valentina Moshenets; Liliana Shevchenko, a teacher of fine arts at the Korsun-Shevchenko Children’s School of Arts named after KG Stetsenko, who instilled a love for art in many children; Mykola Bryk, a teacher of fine arts at the Korsun-Shevchenko Children’s School of Arts named after KG Stetsenko; Serhiy Zyryanov, a well-known portraitist and collector of fine works of art in the Korsun region; active participant of plein airs Kateryna Palivoda; charming artist Inna Pichkurenko; nature singer in painting and poetry Oleksiy Fedosiy; promising, always in search of a new Vera Prokopenko-Vlasenko and Yana Slyshchenko; master of the image of flowers Ruslana Pogorila; a lover of philosophy in painting Leonid Fursa; icon painter, graphic artist, painter-restorer, teacher of the Kyiv Children’s Academy of Arts Oksana Tymkiv; Serhiy Davydenko, a teacher of drawing and painting at Cherkasy State Business College; Halyna Kotsaba, a teacher of fine arts at the Smilyansk Children’s School of Arts; the youngest participant is Vitalina Myroshnichenko’s schedule.
At the exhibition you can see floral still lifes, colorful landscapes, works of sacred art, landscapes of Korsun and its surroundings. Also, many works are presented in the style of Resin Art.
The author of the exhibition is Svitlana Kostenko, the head of the art gallery. The exhibition will run until November 15.