Launched in 2020. The purpose of the project: to deepen the awareness of visitors to the Prreserve about the natives of the region, who have made a significant contribution to the development of history and culture of Ukraine; to form the national consciousness, understanding of the value of the historical and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people; to promote the stock collections of the Preserve.
The project provides for the creation of exhibitions, videos, organization of lectures, competitions, museum events, etc., involvement of students in student and pupils and pupils activities.
In 2020, the project created the video “Maestro Vasyl Avramenko” (to the 126th anniversary of the birth of the Ukrainian choreographer and ballet-master), which was viewed by more than 1,200 people on the Preserve’s Facebook page; in the memorial museum of K.H. Stetsenko in the village of Kvitky the exhibition “Kyrylo Stetsenko’s Family: Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren” dedicated to the 138th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding composer Kyrylo Stetsenko was held in Kvitky; Exhibitions dedicated to the 182nd anniversary of the writer’s