Winter is the children’s favorite time, because winter is when most popular holidays are celebrated and presents are gifted – toys and sweets. One of the most desirable children’s winter holidays is St. Nicholas Day, which is believed to receive a gift for obedient children on the night of December 19.

An exhibition “The World of Children’s Toys” has been opened in the Historical Museum of the Reserve for St. Nicholas Day. More than 70 items are presented. These are toys that children played with in the 1930s and 1940s and in the second half of the twentieth century, so they can no longer be seen on the shelves of modern stores. At one time they belonged to the grandparents, mothers and fathers of today’s children. The presented toys are made mainly of rubber, plastic, which became widely used in the 1960s and 1980s, and metal. There are also soft toys, but not many.

In addition to entertaining children, toys also perform a pedagogical function, because playing, children learn and develop. The exhibition presents toys that develop motor skills and perception, introduce children to the world around them, and promote their physical and mental development.

Most of the toys presented at the exhibition used to be in almost every family, but some of them children could only dream of. The condition of some toys is almost perfect, because children cherished them and treated them with care.

The collection of toys in the stock collection of the Reserve is small. However, we hope that it will be replenished thanks our citizens. So, if you have old toys, do not burn them and do not throw them in the trash, but transfer them to the Reserve.

The exhibition “The World of Children’s Toys” will run until January 19, 2022.

The author of the exhibition is Iryna Pasnytska, a junior researcher.

We invite you to visit the historical museum of the Reserve.