On February 8, nature lovers visited the reserve park again with guest houses for birds. This time, the participants of the “Feed the Birds” campaign were children of educational institutions in the city of Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi, who attend the “Nature of the Native Region” classes of the ecological and naturalistic department in the Center for Children’s and Youth Creativity. Together with the head of the department Iryna Kovalyova and the leaders of the group Alina Ivanova and Valentyna Martynova, they brought two bird feeders, which were placed in the Park, and a little house for birds.

Kateryna Loyenko, a junior researcher at the Department of Nature Conservation, spoke about the wintering birds of the park, about their importance in maintaining the ecological balance in nature, and also told them about the rules for feeding birds. Despite the frosty breath of winter, the participants of the action received positive emotions from the good deed they did.