Khavrus Serhiy Levkovych (20.09.1937 – 19.07.2014) – local historian, prose writer, publicist, composer-populist, poet-singer, folklorist, translator, museum worker. He was born into a peasant family in the village of Mykolayivka, Korsun-Shevchenkivskiy (now Zvenyhorodskiy) district, Cherkasy region. In 1968 he graduated from Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University (Faculty of Philology).
For 48 years he headed the Stebliv I.S. Nechuy-Levytskiy Literary Memorial Museum.
The author of 20 separate publications on local lore and Nechuy-Levytskiy. Among them there are “Stebliv over the Ros” in two parts (the second part is co-authored with Andriy Khavruss), “Nechuy’s house on the bank of the Ros”, “Poros Spaces are calling”, “From Bohuslav Wells”, “On the Screen are the works of Nechuy-Levytskiy and his Stebliv”, “With the native land in the heart “, “Stebliv miracle “,” Over Ros and the Rastavits”, “Love and dreams of the wise Nechuy “,”How the war was “, a collection of songs” God’s gift”. His works were published in collections, encyclopedic reference books, “Reader” (4th grade) and textbooks, a two-volume anthology “Krynychka” (works of the Cherkasy region writers), magazines and newspapers of Ukraine and the former USSR. His creative output includes 700 publications.
KhavRuss S.L. is Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, awarded the Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the first laureate of the literary and artistic award named after I. Nechuy-Levytskiy, laureate of the regional local lore award named after I.M. Maksymovych, “Man of the Year” in the nomination “Spirituality” (Association of Journalists of Ukraine, 1998), winner of the All-Ukrainian and two regional competitions of composers.