On the occasion of the Honey Savior or Makoviy holiday, the Reserve held a master class on making amulet bouquets (“makoviychyky”).
This year, as in previous years, the table for the master class was filled with plants traditional for Makoviy. These included wild poppies, field marigolds, thistles, wormwood, tansy, yarrow, sage, field axes, mint, marigolds, sunflowers, viburnum and oak sprigs. The fragrant potion, generously infused with the power of the native land and the warmth of the sun, filled with magical energy, attracted visitors to the Reserve.
People of all ages joined creation of the amulet bouquets. Kateryna Loenko, a junior researcher, helped everyone to create “poppy seeds”. The scientist also spoke in an interesting way about the magic of the poppy seed potion. Everyone could listen to her story.
The master class had a creative atmosphere. We are grateful to everyone who joined the event.
We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to study, preserve and love Ukrainian!
Glory to Ukraine!
The organizers of the event: Halyna Davydenko, Head of the Scientific and Methodological Department of Educational Work, and Kateryna Loenko