On May 25, on the territory of the Reserve, a workshop on making nesting birds was again held for children, and the photo exhibition “Biodiversity of the Korsunskyi Park” was also shown.
The children willingly joined the workshop, which was conducted by the junior research associate Larysa Grebenichenko. They competed to choose the brightest colors of threads for their birds and made several types of them.
Many visitors to the park stopped for a long time at the “Biodiversity of the Korsunskyi Park” exhibition. The author of the exhibition, junior researcher Kateryna Loyenko, told them about the flora and fauna of the park. The youngest viewer was especially curious – a pupil of the city’s “Zirochka” children’s institution, who not only listened attentively to the scientist’s story, but also shared his knowledge about flora and fauna.
The time allotted for communication passed very quickly, because the informative and friendly atmosphere filled everyone not only with positivity, but also with faith in our peaceful future.