The picturesque town-type village of Stebliv in Cherkasy Oblast is the birthplace of the classic of Ukrainian literature, Ivan Nechuy-Levytskyi.
We invite you to travel to the places that Ivan Semenovych loved, where the difficult paths of Mykola Zherya, Vasylyna Burlachka and other heroes of his works lay.
The literary and memorial museum of I.S. Nechuy-Levytskyi is located almost in the center of Stebliv. There used to be a church cemetery nearby, where the graves of Stepan and Semen Levytsky, the writer’s grandfather and father, were reserved. Right here, where Ros makes a sharp turn, there is the rock of Nechuy-Levytskyi. According to legend, the writer liked to rest on this rock and admire the nature of his native land.
Not far below is a pontoon bridge that connects the two banks of the Ros river. If you cross this bridge, the path will lead you to the place where the Levytskyi’s house, where the writer was born, once stood. Kaidashiv corner is nearby. It was the Kaidashes of Stebliv who became the prototypes of the novel “The Kaidash Family”.
Traveling along the left bank of the Ros, you can see Castle Island, a cascade of stone rocks, waterfalls and beautiful landscapes.
Come to Stebliv and discover the wonderful corners of our Ukraine.