On the International Day of Museums, May 18, the exhibition “Ukraine in my heart” was displayed on the territory of the Reserve. It featured 48 children’s works at workshops held in the Nature Reserve in March-September 2022 and January-April 2023. A total number of 23 workshops were held: 10 – patriotic, 4 – ethnographic, 9 – natural. 387 children attended, aged 3 to 14, among whom the vast majority were immigrants from Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Kherson, Kyiv, Bila Tserkva, and other cities of Ukraine.

In the three-dimensional application technique, the children created yellow and blue flags, a map of Ukraine, the flags of the countries of the European Union and the EU flag, angels from colored paper, and butterflies and flowers from colored threads. Threads were used to make motanka dolls – angels (charms for Ukrainian soldiers), birds, and ladybugs. Real works of art were made from meadow herbs and flowers – wonderful Kupala wreaths (for St. Ivan-Kupala Day), bouquets (poppies; for St. Macovius Day), charm dolls. Also, on the eve of Easter, children painted Easter eggs, and before Christmas, they made Christmas wreaths.

Only a small part of the children’s works was presented at the exhibition, because the children took most with them, and the workers of the Reserve, through volunteers, handed over the amulets to the Ukrainian soldiers at the front.

Authors of the exhibition: Halyna Davydenko, head of the scientific and methodological department of educational work, and Larysa Grebenichenko, junior researcher.