On March 4, the Preserve was visited by students of 4-A class of Korsun-ShevchenkivskiySecondary School №1, for whom a walking thematic tour “Taras Shevchenko and Korsunshchyna” was conducted. It began near the monument to Taras Shevchenko on Kotsyubynskiy Island, where students recited poems by the poet. Junior researcher Larysa Hrebenichenko told about Taras Shevchenko’s stay in the Korsun region, acquainted children with interesting facts from his life.
In the landscape park, students visited a chestnut tree, under which, according to legend, Taras Hrygorovych, while in Korsun in 1859, loved to paint.
Next time, fourth-graders will visit the historical museum, which presents interesting materials about the Kobzar’s stay in our region.
Photos by Lydia Ovsienko.