On May 18, museum workers celebrated their professional holiday – the International Day of Museums.

That day, the activities in the Reserve began with the patriotic action “Children against the war”, during which the head of the studio “Colors of Korsun” of the Center for Children’s and Youth Creativity of the Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi City Council, Valentyna Hryniuk, together with the children, handed over the national flag of Ukraine to the Reserve with autographs and wishes from soldiers of the 42nd Cherkasy separate rifle battalion and chevrons, as well as the “Everything will be Ukraine!” magnet. Students of the studio make such magnets with their own hands for our defenders, and also sell them at charity events, raising funds for the needs of the Armed Forces. With the song “Vitalna”, the young artists congratulated the employees of the Reserve on their professional holiday.

Author’s tours “Secrets of the Ages: from the History of archaeological excavations in the Korsun Region” by Lydia Ovsiyenko, deputy director of the Reserve for scientific work, “Palace Ensemble on the granite islands” by Tetyana Polyakova, head of the military museum, “Pottery in the Korsun region” by Anna Zubko were informative for adults and children, as well as the thematic excursion “History of the Korsun region in the context of the history of Ukraine (XVI-XXI centuries)” by Halyna Davydenko, head of the scientific and methodological department of educational work.

Exhibitions were exhibited on the territory of the Reserve, near the historical museum. The main exhibit and the object of attention of visitors to the exhibition “From the Home Treasury” was an old chest – the personification of material and spiritual family treasures. Attention was drawn to bright towels from Krolevets and Boguslav, the oldest of which dates back to 1880. The authors of the exhibition are Lyudmila Kochegura, chief custodian of funds, and Olena Raykova, senior researcher.

The exhibition “Picturesque Ukraine” was bright and attractive, where children’s coloring pages “Color Ukraine” according to a coloring book about Ukraine, Ukrainians, peace and freedom” were exhibited. The idea of publishing such a book arose from the young Ternopil woman Vira Hrabchuk under the impression of a road trip through Ukraine, which she made in the summer of 2021, driving from Ternopil to Sloviansk. Together with their artist friend Liza Hlybchenko, the founder of Color Up Pease, they started the “Paint Ukraine” project. Respondents aged 13-53 from all over Ukraine, as well as from the USA and Georgia joined the creation of the coloring book. One of them was our colleague Iryna Kovalenko, whose photo “The Palace Ensemble in Autumn” is included in the book. Thanks to her, we got coloring books. Children created drawings based on the book during December 2022 – March 2023.

No one was left indifferent by the exhibition “Ukraine in my heart”, which presented 48 children’s works made in 2022 in the Reserve at master classes conducted by researchers Larisa Grebenichenko, Kateryna Loyenko, Iryna Pasnytska.


Larysa Grebenichenko held a master class on the application “Ukraine is Europe” for children of primary school age and preschoolers, during which the children created a wreath with poppy flowers and the flags of Ukraine and the European Union.

The events traditionally ended with an excursion to the Belvedere Tower of the palace.

The survey showed that the visitors not only learned a lot of new and interesting things but also received a charge of positive emotions, which is extremely important in the conditions of war.

We appreciate everyone for visiting us on International Museum Day.