In the exposition of the art gallery the memorial hall of the graphic artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1959), honorary citizen of Korsun-Shevchenkivsky (1998) Mykola Antonovych Prokopenko was restored.
The artistic heritage of the artist is extremely rich. The funds of the Reserve contain approximately 2340 works by Mykola Antonovych, and his works are in 20 museums in Ukraine, in private collections in Ukraine and abroad. His legacy consists of a variety of topics and areas of creative activity: 1) book graphics (illustrated almost 200 works of classics of Ukrainian and world literature); 2) portraits of prominent historical figures of Ukraine; 3) plot pictures of historical and everyday content; 4) sketches on various topics.
Analyzing the works of the artist, the direct relationship between his work and the socio-political situation in society in Soviet times, the living conditions of people in the countryside, the author’s sharp and true perception of the existing reality, which is reflected in the plots, composition, color.
M. Prokopenko’s work was formed in the conditions of a totalitarian regime. However, he remained faithful to his love of freedom, as well as a nationally conscious citizen of Ukraine. His works are warmed by warmth and love for man, for his work. Each work of the artist, presented in the hall, is aimed at the viewer who is thinking, interested and not indifferent to others.