On June 1, on the International Day for the Protection of Children, the patriotic action “We are children of a strong country – Ukraine!” was held on the territory of the Reserve. During the event, children created drawings on the asphalt on the theme “The world through the eyes of children.” A total of 14 drawings were created, on which children’s dreams about peace in Ukraine, about the Victory of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the enemy. Many children participated in the master class “Amulet for a defender”, conducted by scientists Larysa Grebenichenko and Iryna Pasnytska. Children made little angels from yellow and blue paper. They took some of the products with them to give to their relatives at the front. We will hand over the charms that remained to our defenders through volunteers. Let the little angels, made by children’s hands, protect Ukrainian soldiers from bullets and shells.

The pupils of the 4th grade of the Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi Gymnasium (teacher Lesya Pogrebnyak) became especially active participants in the action. They made amulets with great desire and creatively worked on drawings on the asphalt.

The organizer of the action is Halyna Davydenko, head of the scientific and methodological department of educational work.