On February 17, the Museum of the History of the Korsun-ShevchenkivskaBattle hosted a presentation of the exhibition “Writers – Participants in the Korsun-Shevchenkivska Offensive”. The author of the exhibition is Tetyana Polyakova, the head of the museum.
The exhibition presents 56 exhibits from the stock collection of the Preserve – books, photographs, documents and personal belongings of writers. In particular, the poetry collections “Cranes are calling”, “There nightingale chirped” the participant of the Book of Memory of Ukraine (Donetsk region) Hryhoriy Monastyrenko are exhibited; a collection of poems by the famous Ukrainian composer and poet-singer Volodymyr Kostenko; Karpe Mumladze, a member of the Georgian Writers’ Union, in the foothills of the Yass; books of memoirs “Bridgehead”, “Korsun stars”, “On the fiery shores of the Ros” by the writer, screenwriter Yukhim Raigorodetsky; business card and books “Shepherd and Shepherdess”, “Cursed and Killed” by the famous Russian writer Viktor Astafyev; Leon Degrel’s memoir “Company in Russia”.
Photos by Iryna Kovalenko.