On February 5, the Historical Museum of the Preserve hosted a presentation of the book exhibition ” Ahatanhel Krymskiy- a phenomenon in the world and Ukrainian culture”, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the world-famous linguist, famous orientalist, philosopher, historian, ethnologist, poet, ethnographer and prose writer. During the presentation a junior researcher Larysa Hrebenichenko spoke about the scientist’s significant contribution to the world and Ukrainian science, about interesting facts from his life. The bibliographic review of the literature was conducted by the leading librarian Valentyna Hrytsenko.
The exhibition presents 27 books from the scientific library of the Preserve, a significant part of which came from the exchange-reserve fund of the National Library of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise, with which the Preserve cooperates for a long time.The works of Ahatanhel Krymskiy are exhibited in five volumes, which contain poetry, fiction, literary criticism, linguistics, folklore, oriental studies and letters; one of the outstanding works of a scientist in Ukrainian studies – “Ukrainian language, where it came from and how it developed”; world-famous work on Oriental studies – “Turks, their languages and literature”; unique scientific and ethnographic work “Zvenihorodshchyna Shevchenko’s homeland in terms of ethnographic and dialectological with a geographical map and drawings”, which tells about the life and customs, customs and rites of the peasants of the Middle Dnieper, many entries in the book are given in authentic language and preserved dialects.
The exhibition features the famous poem by Ivan Franko “Ivan Vyshenskiy”, dedicated to Ahatanhel Krymskiy, a dramatic poem by Lesya Ukrainka “In the Catacombs” with a dedication to “dear brother A. Krymskiy.” You can learn about the outstanding role of Agatangel Krymsky in the activity of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences from the “Diary” for 1919-1920 of the prominent Ukrainian public figure, philanthropist Yevhen Chykalenko.
The author of the exhibition is Valentyna Hrytsenko.
Photos by Iryna Kovalenko.