On May 18, the museum community of the world celebrated a professional holiday – International Museum Day. It encourages museum workers to show the resources, possibilities and potential of modern museums as widely as possible. The Reserve does not stand aside from these tasks. On this day, scientists prepared and conducted various educational activities for Korsu residents and guests of the city.
Despite the cold weather, they began on the territory of the Reserve with the presentation of the photo exhibition “Biodiversity of the Korsun Park”. Its author, Kateryna Loyenko, a junior researcher at the Department of Nature Conservation, introduced visitors to the rich and unique natural world of the landscape park. The exhibition featured 55 bright photos not only of well-known representatives of flora and fauna, but also of those that require special vigilance to notice them while walking in the park.
The ethnographic event “Family Shrine” was deep in content, interesting and informative. The peculiarity was that it was accompanied by an exhibition of unique ethnographic objects not from museum collections, as usual, but from things kept in the families of Korsu residents, including the employees of the Reserve. It was based on ancient embroidered women’s and men’s shirts, more than 20 of which were presented. Galina Opalat, Lidia Protsenko, Paraskovia Stepenkina, Lidia Ovsienko kindly provided their family shrines for display. An unforgettable impression on the participants of the event was made by the informal communication with the guests – Lyudmila Bystrova and Valentina Fesenko, who demonstrated and enthusiastically told the audience about their family shirts.
Valentina Fesenko’s poignant poetry about family sanctuaries was received with no less interest by the participants of the event, because an embroidered shirt is a symbol of family, a talisman and an integral part of Ukrainian identity. And today the embroidered shirt is one of the symbols of resistance to the enemy and faith in our victory. We will certainly continue the initiated ethnographic project “Family Shrine” after the victory over the occupiers. The event was prepared by senior research associate Olena Raykova.
For the smallest skaters and children who temporarily live on the territory of our city, junior researcher Larisa Grebenichenko held a drawing competition on the asphalt “Ukraine is a peaceful country”. Despite the cold and gloomy day, the children enthusiastically and in a good mood recreated colorful episodes of peaceful life, fairy-tale characters from favorite cartoons, state symbols of Ukraine, etc. on the asphalt. We are convinced that such activities give children not only pleasure, but also instill in them a sense of responsibility, kindness to each other and patriotism.
The activities carried out are only a small part of the planned. There are still many new and interesting ideas ahead, which the scientists of the Reserve will definitely share with you after the Victory.