On July 28, on the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, a workshop on three-dimensional appliqué was held at the territory of the preserve for children, during which they made blue and yellow flags and created a map of Ukraine in the same colors. Each child had the opportunity to make a flag by himself, and everyone worked on the map together.
The upper part of the map was created from paper blue cornflower flowers, which in the Ukrainian worldview is a talisman and symbolizes the spiritual roots of a person, loyalty to the ethnic heritage of ancestors, as well as holiness, beauty, honor, purity and friendship. The lower part of the card is made of yellow sunflower flowers, which is a symbol of the Sun, work and wealth, strength and well-being, and in Ukrainian culture – one of the images of the Motherland. Ukrainians turn their thoughts and deeds to her, like a sunflower to the sun.
The master class was attended not only by children, but also by adults who willingly helped the children. The making of the map captivated everyone present so much that many had the desire to create such an original floral map of our beautiful country – Ukraine at home.
The workshops was conducted by Larisa Grebenichenko and Kateryna Loyenko scientific workers of the peserve.