With the beginning of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, many forced migrants from the southern, northern and eastern regions of Ukraine, mostly women and children, came to the city of Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi. The number of children has also increased on the territory of the Reserve, where adults bring them to the playground. In order to diversify children’s leisure time, scientists of the Nature Reserve started conducting master classes.
On April 20, junior research associate Larisa Grebenichenko held a master class on pysanka. On the eve of Easter, children loved to paint Easter eggs. They were different, because some children listened to the advice and depicted ornaments typical of Ukrainian Easter eggs, while others wanted to depict something of their own. It was the realization of children’s dreams of a happy peaceful life. Both children and adults enjoyed listening to interesting stories about the traditions of Ukrainian pysankarst.
Junior researcher Kateryna Loyenko held a master class on making winder birds from threads. More than twenty bright toy birds were made, the colors for which were chosen by the children themselves. Everyone could take a hand-made bird as a souvenir. Kateryna Loyenko interestingly told the children about the birds that live in the landscape park of the Nature Reserve, answered the children’s many questions.
Children aged three to thirteen from different cities of Ukraine participated in the master classes.