On November 16, the Reserve hosted the Fifteenth Scientific Reading “New Studies in the History of Korsun”, which was attended by 7 scientists. They published the results of the latest scientific researches.
Three scientific reports were devoted to historical and biographical researches. Thus, Svitlana Kostenko, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Art Gallery, spoke about the representatives of the Malafeev dynasty of teachers who worked in educational institutions of our region. Halyna Davydenko, Head of the Scientific and Methodological Department of Educational Work, published new data on the owners of iron foundries in Korsun – Dizerony family.
Tatiana Polyakova, head of the Museum of the History of Korsun-Shevchenkivska Battle acquainted the audience with the work of icon painter and artist Semyon Vlasenko, a native of Korsun.
Senior researcher Olena Raikova, who spoke about women- masters of construction, and researcher Anna Zubko, whose scientific report was about the sale of pottery by master potters in the Korsun region in the twentieth century, devoted their speeches to ethnographic research.
Lydia Ovsienko, Deputy Director of the Reserve for Scientific Work, described a small but quite interesting and valuable collection of metal axes of the XI-XIII centuries, which are in the stock collection of the Reserve.
On the addition of new tree species to the landscape park in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi at the beginning of the XXI century said junior researcher Kateryna Loenko.
Scientific reports published at the Scientific Readings will be published in the journal “Korsunskyi Journal” next year.
Organizer of Scientific Readings – Lydia Ovsienko