On October 26, the Reserve held the Sixteenth Scientific Lectures “New Researches of the Reserve’s Scientists”, where the results of the latest scientific explorations were made public.
The speeches of three scientific workers were based on the materials of their own field research. Thus, candidate of historical sciences Svitlana Kostenko devoted her presentation to the history of the collective farm garden and the fruit cannery that was in the village. Derenkovtsi in the second half of the 20th century.
Halyna Davydenko characterized the creativity of the talented Korsun woman, a graduate of Korsun-Shevchenkiv secondary school No. 2 Lesya Voloshyn (Derevyanko), a well-known Ukrainian screenwriter, playwright, and theater expert. Anna Zubko spoke about the range of wooden household utensils that were made in the Korsun region in the 20th century.
Mainly archival materials made up the source base of Lidia Ovsienko’s reports “On the history of discovery and research of monuments of Trypil culture in the Korsun region” and Tetiana Polyakova’s “Korsun Symphony Orchestra of the 19th century”.
Olena Raykova analyzed the memoirs of Mitrofan Topchii, “Our Toys”, “At the Fair”, which are stored in the Reserve’s funds, as a source of history and ethnography of the Korsun region.
Based on her own research, Kateryna Loyenko talked about the red book flora of the landscape park of the Nature Reserve.
Scientific messages published at the Scientific Readings will be published in the Korsun magazine. According to the materials of the scientific readings, radio broadcasts “On the waves of Korsun” will be traditionally created, which will be heard during educational programs on the local radio 104.8 FM.
We will submit short posts on the Reserve’s Facebook page.