World Birdwatch, started in 1993 by the International Organization for the Protection of Birds, is held on the first weekend of October. Both scientists and ordinary citizens who are interested in birds participate in them. During the observations, they record which species of birds are found in this area, in what quantity, and the peculiarities of their behavior. The main goal of the campaign is to encourage children and adults to learn about the world of birds and draw attention to their preservation.
This year, the Reserve supported the global initiative for the first time and held an ornithological meeting “Birdwatching Walk” as part of the “Save the Environment” environmental project. It was prepared by Kateryna Loyenko, a junior researcher at the Department of Nature Protection. The route of the birdwatchers’ walk lay over the Ross River. On its shore at this time you can see rather fearless birds: great white egret, gray heron, water hen, little tern, mallards.
Young nature lovers became participants in the ecological meeting. Using binoculars, the children watched with delight the birds that now live in the park, and also made a list of the birds they had seen. There are 5 types of them: the grebe, the great white egret, the gray heron, the mallard, and the hawk. Inquisitive children also carefully examined the fir trees, trying to see owls in their thick crowns, and looked with interest at bird nests that happened to be on the route.
The ecological event “Birdwatching Walk” was very much enjoyed by everyone, it gave unforgettable moments of communication with nature.
We sincerely thank the children for participating in the event.
Let’s study and protect the nature of our native land.